FYI​.​.​. featuring Killer Mike

by Wafeek

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This song is a call to to speak. Rebellion is like everything else in our internet culture today...splintered. To organize for a specific cause usually creates an almost infinite amount of dissension amongst the organized. Therefore the idea of a rebel without a cause has never been more apt. It just makes sense for a kid to flip off the world at large, not knowing who the real enemy much as it does for an older soul to simply flip off the world in the same longer trusting his or her instincts or the leaders/politicians/organizations that brought them to that point. It's an homage to the Rage Against the Machine song from which it's chorus was inspired. A nuts and bolts 3 minutes of pure rebellious spirit. Oh and Killer Mike is on it. And Killer Mike is fucking awesome.


Verse One - WAFEEK

I've always been so contrary
I do whatever I want and not what you tell me
My girl says get it when she don't want sex
The whole world wants simple so I go complex
Everybody in the club then I wait outside
And set it on fire hoping they all die
Ya wanna dance song i'mma shoot at ya feet
Make a sad song watch what I do to ya beat
It's wafeek no i'm not some lyrical savior
That's so played out, time to give ya a banger
The powers that be got us living in cages
While they party scott free steady spending ya paper
We work all week for the minimum wage
and Turn on ya tv for that ignorant anger
So called entertainers pretending they dangerous
Can't switch up the station so this what we saying...fuck you

Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me


Do doper
Fuck hoper
Weed smoker
Mayor runner bad bitch poker
Curse worser blunt roller
Cunt poker
Hate tony Montana love Sosa
Pimp C her
She fuck fast I fuck slower
Ike turner fuck her standing up
And choke her
Lie cheat steal kill win for the winter
Learn from ya loses that'sfor beginners
Losers lames broke motherfuckers
Cheating from the underdog
Betting imma sucker
Lance Armstrong I cheat motherfucker for the race for the money or on my baby mother
That's a bad motherfucker but you won't call me broke or sad motherfucker
Villain I do what I wanna
In fact nigga I'm gonna


Verse Three - WAFEEK

Ladies and gentlemen I got a crazy feeling and
It may be iller than a baby killer that's
Raw dog raping a child for days
Sicker than a fucking
Pedophile with aids
Living with his mother underground he stays
Surrounded by AK's yeah he sounds insane
And when I get the feeling that shit is a wrap
Y'all feeling what I'm feeling yeah the feeling is back
It's me, wafeek I'll deliver this masterpiece
Cuz rap is weak y'all niggas is past ya peak
I'll blast ya beats but I'm muting ya vocals though
That's the chief girls choke on the totem poll
A nasty scene ya i'm doing the most I know
But that's the thing that a killers supposed ta
When police keep watching
Streets keep watching
Beast keep watching
Ya need to keep rocking with the rebel



released March 18, 2014
produced by Rudeluv




Wafeek Los Angeles, California

rap 4 listeners.

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