by Wafeek

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originally Don't Sweat the Technique by Eric B. and Rakim


Let's trace the hints
Complex or a basic bitch
Bomb threats or which base to hit?
Fort Knox or the crack pipe
Raise ya kids or live the Mac life
Ya doing all of em my gun is in the palm of my hand
Pat you down just consider it custom-
-ary what ya carry yeah it's prolly illegal
I gotta confiscate it cuz it's all for people
Robin Hood no tights pants
Sorry to leave you
Like the garden of Eden butt naked in one second
I said strip and you did it damn it some records
Ain't made to be broken
Lately I'm smoking the latency potent
West coasting
So if you hear a delay
I'm just slaving away til the pyramids made
How did Rome disappear in a day
Well it didn't but the image isn't feeling the same so let's change the technique

I wanna know how many homeless the police kill
Kelly Thomas oh you know he's real dead
And though we still fight for power
Got that oldies feel yeah
The god let you know we still here
Prepared for warfare beware the swords here steel disaster
Behead you pawns and kill the masters
That gem star leave a loss in yo wind pipe
Make it hard for you to tell me what it feel like
if yo kind had a hold on the globe that be just fine
But the real king gotta tech nine
A hundred submarines carrying a bunch of nukes
That why America be daring what you wanna do?
So if you feeling a way
Gone get in the way
And you can get it today
Spitting lyrics that'll riddle ya face
No joking
Bones get to chipping away when I bang the technique


released February 26, 2014




Wafeek Los Angeles, California

rap 4 listeners.

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