Impolite Dance Song

by Wafeek

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The visual says it all:


Once upon a time A Disney princess was trynna make a big scene
She made the switch from dick tease to strip tease
the middle east is at war pour me the whiskey
I need it to ignore it and party harder
Ya starting to piss my off
Ya daughter is whiter than chalk offering twerk classes it bothers ya
Ya fathers because she wants to be blacker than these nuts
i happen to be
Blacker than rappers that you actually see that's why she asking for me

Give it up for me please
Put your hands in the air
If you know what's good for you
You wanna shake it like you just don't care

Speaking a twerking girl I need to see it person
Them YouTube videos only peeking for perverts
Who got the Miley Cyrus virus going viral in cycles
Hold on tight to ya bibles as I recite the revival of prudes
Who am I kidding I'm inspired by nude women
When using ya sex as a weapon do something crude with it
Like do a split over two bitches with huge titties
With lubricant dripping off they nipples ya too pretty
Girls running the world and how they dominating?
By jumping out of the clothes to make a lot of paper
I gotta thank ya from a sexist perspective
I tried my best to respect ya but I would rather undress ya ya feel

I ain't slut shamming I'm celebrating
A woman's elevation with my nuts hanging
I wanna dedicate this to the slut babies
That's each and everyone of us
it was ya mother and ya father who was nutting up
Young having fucking fun
Now they titties sag they sit and brag like they a bunch of nuns
Now they lil Kim, Laytoya Jackson
Got they face tight when ya boy is rapping
This message is for you baby sis
Forever stressing on her exes like she Taylor swift
You don't ever need a man to come and save ya
Or to change up your behavior
Baby Just do me a favor and uhhh


released February 18, 2014
produced by Steve Spiffler
sample - Polite Dance Song by The Bird and The Bee




Wafeek Los Angeles, California

rap 4 listeners.

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